The essence of Parisian gastronomy: the Angelina tearoom. There, forget the tea for a minute, the prized item to order is the house chocolate, “l’africain”: it’s think, luscious, and always come with the house cream of chantilly, i am drooling my friends.

If your are in the mood for a “hearty eat”, you must also go with a delicious mont-blanc, specialty of the house: cream of chestnut, meringue and creme of chantilly.

After that you will not be hungry for at least 2 days, I have never seen anyone finish the chocolate AND the mont blanc. I almost managed once, but no, it’s too much.

For me, the only damper at Agenlina’s is: the room downstairs that’s noisy, too big, well can be rather dreadful. But the upstairs is much cozier. There are always quite a bit of people on Saturdays, but don’t let it fluster you. It’s big in the inside, there will be a place for you 🙂


Angelina – salon de thĂ©
Open everyday, from 8h (9h on Saturdays and Sundays) to 7pm
226, rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris

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