Little boy

I think I'm starting to get closer gradually my “ideal style”.

Well, it does not mean that c & rsquo; is completely won there, but I'm starting to really know what I & rsquo; love and where I'm coming, c & rsquo; is not bad.

A little retro but not granny, hyper basic colors, du add, navy blue, some scratches, shirts, jeans.

My beautiful leather bag is my best friend right now, more, everything falls into it, I feel like mary poppins :) I'm not sure, sure the & rsquo; slim Association / richelieues, I do not know, there is something wrong. So I'll have to go m & rsquo; buy Derbies, I am obliged here, gosh…

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Shirt and shoes Etam, jacket Zara, Princess tam tam socks, vintage bag, lunettes american apparel, headband H&M, Edit : le jean c’est un cheap monday