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On the slopes of the red cross

As I l ​​& rsquo; have announced last week (and you m & rsquo; have a little put j & rsquo pressure; admit), j & rsquo; did a little three day break in Lyon. I, who had decided not to travel to France on my journey “la route” when I & rsquo; was at the & rsquo; Oreal and moved my discovery of our beautiful cities in France (let's be honest j & rsquo; in most hated), it has convinced me and I got paid a TGV return (2e reason I n & rsquo; like to travel in France, the train is super expensive, for the same price you'll suede or Italy by plane).

And so ? He did a crappy time, limit was more sunshine in Paris. And ben j & rsquo; loved still there ! J & rsquo;'ve found it really nice, all those little streets that m & rsquo; recalled alternately Lisbon, Stockholm ou Rome. When we have more local guides to tell you the anecdotes that go with them and hang out with their friends or in their restaurants / harbors favorites c & rsquo; is just perfect !

And… ** Lyon careful not type it smells really the town where the people are there by choice. And if ! Do not yell, I do not base my Parisian j & rsquo;'ve seen a bunch of cities when I & rsquo; did my tour of France companionship VRP in fashion and I & rsquo; have not enjoyed much (surprise : But otherwise Poitiers…).

And then Lyon : all small comm and graphics agencies installed over there (and the horde of hipster with plaid shirts and fixies that go with), local young super proud of their city, cute little alleyways where one takes the & rsquo; aperitif, les which, super good food well it m & rsquo; almost gave envy d & rsquo; be like ! And then there is a metro, c & rsquo; civilized (c & rsquo; is boooon I DIE-CONNE)

I say what I & rsquo; thinks eh, and please not hate debate in the comm, no violence, c & rsquo; is the holidays as they say at the campsite !

Voilà a small card of all trips made in the city, photos (more or less sorted by district…) with annotations s & rsquo; please ! And some addresses – you're welcome :D

The peninsula & rsquo; Island

Most of my photos, I am sure that & rsquo; there are small neighborhoods names but I'm a goldfish j & rsquo;'ve forgotten almost everything.

To eat, attention 2 opposed tricks : the best bagels in & rsquo; US – 1 Place you Robatel (and not far, there is a nice shop : the tenth – 13 St. Augustine). And of course a cap, cheese dish entry serves to make you fart arteries for 15 € Chez Mounier – 3 Street marroniers

So that c & rsquo; For the record : c & rsquo; shame is so d & rsquo; have its street address for the sheaf that & rsquo; n & rsquo it; there is a genre 2 or 3 numbers, while the street is super long, s & rsquo stores; manage to give to another street. Ha ha c & rsquo; s the kind of & rsquo; super important info I remember when I visit a city I !
As you can see, l & rsquo; architecture is not yucky… Electrical cables bus add a rather quaint at all – old tram atmosphere.
“La Martinière” if you please !

The best bagels or how to eat like in New York when we go to Lyon – c & rsquo; ets like American who go to pubs to French. But it & rsquo; is good and I recommend.
A lil cap on a pretty street – Street Fargues, at night there is a very beautiful lighting.

Guillotière & les which

Okay I admit you, outside the docks for a drink and picnic, the side of the station Guillotière c & rsquo; not folichon, but there was apparently an Asian catering not to miss : At Robert and his hallucinatory map. Hu hu.

Croix Rousse slopes & Plateau

That's why it m & rsquo; a little reminiscent of Lisbon : all downhill coast with buildings and everything tagged. The red cross – m’a-t-on dit – c & rsquo; is the new district bobo. There's a nice view of Lyon and care, hipster hangout, un bar de fans de Johnny : le Lorada bar – 8 street address (oui, hipster like many small harbors that feel true).

The old lyon

Express pass in that corner there, it's cute, but much like in the tourist areas around the world, c & rsquo; is crazy as there almost always the same things… But it & rsquo; is super pretty :)

Et vous ?

And voilààààà c & rsquo; is over, if you want to add some remarks and addresses go merrily, it will make a good lil guide !