There is a small street on the side of the Rue de Rivoli, which has a special charm. Street bell breakthrough d & rsquo; first a nice name, ensuite, its slanting buildings, Tudor are among the few spared by Haussmann in the mass destruction of all buildings in Paris moyennageux. With its windows all colors and staircase, I find that & rsquo; it also has a small side disneyland…

J & rsquo; therefore I took my headband d & rsquo; alice and my lovely pine & rsquo; s disney (one who told me what movie we see this little cat wins… nothing, but wins anyway).

Cotton shirt Etam, Velvet jacket H&M, Viktor headband & rolf, pin’s disney, bottes AM mode, short Zara, sac niche, Helena Rubinstein lipstick lips.

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Street breakthrough bell (map)