The wedding is at 15:30, we decided to split that & rsquo; called “wine d & rsquo; honor” to taste and cocktail. After sweets and delicacies, Place the festivities !

The party continues despite the small stress starts to eat away at my stomach : it n & rsquo; there is still no d & rsquo; electricity. The music always works through battery enclosures that we had the right idea d & rsquo; bring (initially planned to put music in the toilet).

? Unless otherwise noted, photos are Marianne Taylor ?

The cocktail is served and distracted this little world, we forget the & rsquo; electricity with champagne flowing and Saumur afloat. My father, Touraine birth living in the Bordeaux s & rsquo; had dealt with all the wine, and m & rsquo; had make labels. Think if it m & rsquo; rained ! (him less when he had to stick the…).

As for the champagne, they had a nice label, we were surprised “Cuvée happiness, Elodie & Vianney” ?

Regarding the cocktail menu we had a good laugh with Marie (My caterer) and we proposed :

True blood

Yarrow Hamburg
Backyard impaled
Hot dogs
Swiss mysteries

The true blood was presented as syringes labeled with different blood groups (yum good gazpacho). The Polyjuice Potion was actually a cold artichoke soup which was d & rsquo; s have & rsquo; yucky look good, served in vials “drink me”. Yarrow Hamburg was a hamburger miniatuer, the porager impaled pretty vegetable skewers, hot dogs hot dogs and Swiss mystery fresh preparations of chipmunks, d & rsquo; herbs and shrimp.

And without my m & rsquo; noticing in all the worries are solved. Heureusement, there are sacred handymen in the family, my father who spun like a knight at Castorama repairs the first generator, my uncle who dismantles engine retrieves the lost spark in the second.

To celebrate that, we did fart cotton candy ! And we went for dinner.

… To be continued