Single in Samburu (plus fort que le relationship status facebook : the pink cap !)

Le Kenya, j & rsquo; it had gone there 10 years with my father and sister, c & rsquo; was my first real trip and m & rsquo; had made many think. Suddenly, my little problems & rsquo; m & rsquo teenager, had seemed insignificant, j & rsquo; had taken a huge slap.

All that I & rsquo; m & rsquo had seen, were so amazed that disturbed, j & rsquo; was happy to discover so many beautiful things and I feel guilty because of a max side “small western spoiled visiting a country where life n & rsquo; is not easy”. And I have to say for now that n & rsquo; has not changed much.

I do not sulk my pleasure, all I have done since I arrived m & rsquo; enchants, I'm like a kid waiting to see lions, I take the m & rsquo; is offered (Looks like my grandmother, “gift horse looks no tooth”). Yet in my heart I feel guilty to enjoy all this luxury where I meet people who live not much.

So what ? J & rsquo; try to keep it all in the back of my head, measure my chance, d & rsquo; be polished, smiling, d & rsquo; exchanging much as I can with people (although I am a little shy j & rsquo; admit). And bring back beautiful memories that will inspire you, the country saw a lot through tourism, then c & rsquo; my mission is a bit of me :)

J & rsquo; chose to start by showing you some pictures that I & rsquo; did Samburu (People living in northern Kenya). Initially I don & rsquo; not dare too photograph people (I'm shy I told you) and then I do not know if it n & rsquo; was not a bit rude.

But children approached and all wanted to be photographed to then be able to see and laugh, it m & rsquo; helped me relax, they were great fun and took great poses and danced before the & rsquo; goal (there's even a qi m & rsquo; did everything charming). J & rsquo; I found it pretty neat, I was left rather back because I & rsquo; was a little embarrassed to visit a village (I think that m & rsquo; agacerait see US visit a farm in France…), it is the children who m & rsquo; have déridée and out of my shell !