In fashion, j & rsquo;'ve always had fads, parts I'm looking for years because that & rsquo; they remind me a movie, a cartoon, or just because it m & rsquo; farted one day in the spring onion…

A beautiful jacket officer not too strict and female, j & rsquo; wanted one since, pffff at least it all. So when I & rsquo; saw this little there, who was beckoning me in a radius zara was made immediately a big hug and I & rsquo; took her home.

In any soft felt, hot, with a nice lining : c & rsquo; had become my best friend.

But it was August and it was still hot… We had to wait…

So Saturday, with the cool breeze blowing j & rsquo; took the opportunity to go walk on docks near me and do a little shooting with my fiancé (you should soon find here veeeeeery :)

– Veste Zara, jean cheap monday, boots e vintage blouse, sac vintage century (bought in Bali, but available to corner creators), lipstick HELENA rubinstein-