So, my title c & rsquo; s is a bit & rsquo; scam, because aujourd & rsquo; hui j & rsquo; have great lazy like that, c & rsquo; is therefore more “Brooklyn #0”. I don & rsquo; have not sorted the pictures taken in Brooklyn this weekend and all the best places visited (vintage shops, thrift stores, whaaaaaaa). Mas c & rsquo; that was so nice & rsquo; I must really ask me to tell you everything, So it will wait : bouh, vilaine !

Just some pictures of my outfit of the day : sneakers because my feet this morning said no when I yet submitted my sandals, mon T-shirt “I ? Tokyo” (Yes Yes, Tokyo, a roof in the city T-shirt “I ? NY”, c & rsquo; is more con j & rsquo; ve never been there !) and my newly purchased Topshop jacket on Broadway.



I leave you, j & rsquo; m which have a pedicure & rsquo; waiting there :)