Show burlesque – sugar d & rsquo; barley

How to tell you this evening without the & rsquo; air to do too much ? J & rsquo; d have wanted & rsquo; use all possible superlatives and push small cries in & rsquo; writing to each end of a sentence – like this : Hiiiiii ! (And after I complain that & rsquo; they hang me for a bitch…). Well I'll calm down.

This carnival so… It all started with a friendly afternoon between girls trying on accessories, Hair chat with Luc Drouen, laughing at our heads like never crimped (before & rsquo; obtain nice hairstyles there were steps hilarious), try corsets for s & rsquo; fun, cut lace wolves…

And c & rsquo; is all dressed with our 18th hairstyles, our dresses and our crinolines we opened the deliverer of sushi around 23h. A great time !

In passing, I regret a little too serious and the rule of less is more in the Parisian nights. I know I should have spent the & rsquo; age, but spend some time to prepare girlfriends (vraiment, with hair, make up crazy and fittings) c & rsquo; is something that we lack a little here. But let…

Wear a suit and crazy hairstyle, it puts you in a sacred atmosphere ! Walk a few meters on the street under the stunned gaze of passers (some a little alcoholic who believed in a vision) to cram in a small Nissan Micra d & rsquo; otherwise was a great time. Midnight, l & rsquo; time to go for the ball.

The Direction & rsquo; orange grove where resounded far In for the Kill by La Roux. Easy to find your way through the streets of Versailles, many people were strolling costumed, even in a coach.

Onsite everyone dances, EVERYONE is dressed d & rsquo; time, there are many fans of traditional Venice carnival costume evolving like fish in the & rsquo; water.

The sublime and adorable doll sugar d & rsquo; barley and beautiful costumes made some shows on stage. I who n & rsquo; s not really clung & rsquo; burlesque, j & rsquo; was conquered.

And, around 5 am, we had to leave… To go to the ballroom outdoor gardens of & rsquo; orange. What could be more beautiful than the morning, small birds, and hundreds of costumed survivors plying the aisles to dance the few remaining hours… C & rsquo; was so surreal, it remains my best time this carnival.

You were numerous to ask me, but I do not know s & rsquo; there will be another l & rsquo; next year. Watch it closely !


Hairdressing Luc Drouen, short Asos, T-shirt Etam

There is not, I don & rsquo; have not finished sorting my pictures Carnival Versailles… MEA culpa…

But in the meantime, Here are some photos taken by Chloé Le Drezen after the hair, just before I spend my princess dress Sarah. C & rsquo; d was just crazy & rsquo; have it on the head : my real hair turned into powdered peak, adorned with feathers and satins nodes.

The barber was that I & rsquo; s had too much & rsquo; & rsquo air; a doll with my dress and my big blue eyes, s it & rsquo; is given a hell of giving me looks like rock & rsquo; n roll. J & rsquo; have rather enjoyed the transformation, a big thank-you !

Carnival dress-de Versailles

Dress nineteenth – Workshop farthingales

Do not thank me for the company Creole risk trotter in your head all day : c & rsquo; is gift!

Tomorrow I realize a kind of dream girl : go to a costume party with a beautiful princess dress, a real, d & rsquo; time *. And not n & rsquo; any ball as c & rsquo; is Carnival Versailles, at the castle. YEAH !

J & rsquo;'ve seen Marie Antoinette Sofia Coppola for & rsquo; occasion, j & rsquo; am tempted to converse roses under my dress for fun, but I & rsquo; have not (It has ! c & rsquo; was very interesting !)

I do not mind it, as anachronistic detail j & rsquo; have my gun slung it will be charming ! (j & rsquo; thought to hide it under my dress, where you can put in & rsquo; comfortable a duffel bag full width of the saw cart, risk but I & rsquo; have a not very natural approach…). I bring you lots of pictures promised !