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couple fleurs bonheur
My fiance (hiii, I m & rsquo; get tired !) has much merit you know, because he lives with a single-minded fan of Deco : I put all fleufleurs. He gave up living for years in a sober interior, s and & rsquo; raptures time to time to enjoy myself on my latest finds.
The trick c & rsquo; is that flowers, I also like printed, in paper, and jewelry… The Liberty me it makes me excited, and pretty fake flowers that bloom in the m & rsquo stores; attract like a small bee. After the madness of pin flowers a few years ago, there was no question that I leave mine, So I go out every spring to make me happy. Small photographic stroll in the land of candy :

Silk flower pin (remember the brand name, but bought in a shop on Rue de Birague), Poppy Ring Sophie's jewelry, and as you have been numerous to ask me, the varnish is a Lancôme, hue No. 310..

map woman vintage postcard

carte postale vintage femme
Every two years, I push my ass to go to the gynecologist (ouiiiii mom, I know : “c & rsquo; is annually darling”). J & rsquo; guess I'm not alone in thinking that c & rsquo; is my annual torture (I hope, I am sure that & rsquo; s there & rsquo; other cozy / modest / stuck in the & rsquo; support). Pourtant, mine is super nice, patient, fresh, psychologist and everything… Continue reading



C & rsquo; was the third time that & rsquo; we went to London, and finally made all that & rsquo; it was absolutely want to do. The next time, we will discover little corners less known, Random ballads or we will jaded regulars I know not. J & rsquo; & rsquo imagine that in reality we don & rsquo; has not seen much but in any case we saw what was on our p & rsquo; tite list, one that & rsquo; s it & rsquo; s & rsquo was done; last year the first time that & rsquo; we left.

We made a little walk on the banks of the Thames, the “queen’s walk”, on the advice of my friend's blog “welcome to london” .

Very nice, a lot of museums on the way, tate modern and especially where n & rsquo; had not yet set foot. There was an unbelievable facility, a huge crack on the ground floor that I & rsquo;'ve photographed from every angle.



After a museum tour, we finished our little walk to Borough market that was closed but must really be worth the d & rsquo days open (Thursday, Friday, Saturday).


We also finally walked around Hampstead, londonnienne bourgeois campaign, where we had the chance to walk around in the sun (it always has in London, we are big guys). C & rsquo; green, it's fresh, j’adore !


We saw a small cemetery so British, every green and flowery, we'd like to have in France m & rsquo; greatly inspired.


We then went up & rsquo; see the cemetery in Highgate (£ 3 but good l & rsquo; entry, but of course…) and admire the & rsquo; burtonnienne architecture (here, le holly village) ! A romantic ballad to me j & rsquo; tell you.


And, as we never tire, we did a lot of walks in the parks, as p & rsquo; old tits. Le regent’s parc, le St James parc, Hyde parc… If there is indeed something that I & rsquo; inspire London (in extra frames & spencer), c & rsquo; is their parks, with their beautiful weeping willows, their cute little squirrels and all these charming gardens where you can WALK IN & rsquo; GRASS !


And as you can see, in times of extreme cold, my style n & rsquo; has not moved d & rsquo; a hairy ass from brittany !

Enfin, j & rsquo; I managed to drag my man in Shoreditch, c & rsquo; was not obvious, arguments “thrift sick”, “chaussures” and “repaire de face hunter” l & rsquo; having left marble, I don & rsquo; s not always come back & rsquo; s have successfully & rsquo; get there.


The streets have a charm, and all the little shops are incredible, but this, c & rsquo; is tomorrow casseroles !

Edit : j’oubliais l’hotel !! We take every time l & rsquo; Eurostar offers + hotel because it really is cheaper. This time it is the right place, also because I & rsquo; had scrutinized all hotels offered on tripadvisor (Londoners the hotels are often atrocious Notes). It is therefore down to “olympic house hotel” in Paddington, and c & rsquo; was impeccable. Not much to do in the area but c & rsquo; was quiet, and there is 4 metro lines that pass through here, very convenient. L & rsquo; hotel was redone a year ago, the rooms are spotless, with private bath nickelles, I therefore advise you. On en a eu pour 2, roundtrip Eurostar + 2 nights d & rsquo; for hotel 500 euros. Sinon, the 2 past times, we were stopped at St paul c, which was pretty good, and thistle victoria, no surprises there either low..