A small snapshot…

The last hours in Venice were short and intense for me who did not know where to turn.

Burano, at Mignonnerie c & rsquo; was almost porn. I fed her d & rsquo; postcard images by click click too choupis in flowery balconies boats.

I don & rsquo; had almost no battery, no place on my memory card, I trembled to each photo, thinking it would be the last. The sense of drama.

Burano was a small fishing village, the legend says that the houses are all painted d & rsquo; a different color to that too drunken men can regain their focus on returning the bar – Classroom sum.

L & rsquo; behind the scenes of pretty things.

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View from the terrace of & rsquo; Hotel Monaco & Grand canal

I remembered the vaporetto, small alleys on which abuts, ice-creams, the small caterer removed the & rsquo; arsenal, s & rsquo; hostel where girls and boys were separated, pasta to dry ink, werewolf on the bus…

My first time in Venice c & rsquo; was there 7 years for the biennial d & rsquo; architecture where j & rsquo; had gone with my school. I remembered that everything was fine, that this city on the & rsquo; water was crazy.

But my memory was very bland indeed. J & rsquo; have rediscovered Venice last week at d & rsquo; delicious day organized by Chantal Thomass (I will return to the reason for this visit very soon).

We had the chance to ride around the city by boat, j & rsquo; so have seen a very different Venice last, from new angles. J & rsquo; étrennais a new goal with my camera, j & rsquo; was like crazy.

For those who n & rsquo; have never been there, Remember the tourism side always a little off-putting and whisked away in this beautiful city. Praise a small apartment airbnb on in the southern part of the arsenal and made museums, there are plenty of beautiful exhibitions to (some addresses at the end of & rsquo; Article).

Addresses some of the day :


+ Le Café Florian place Saint Marc
Piazza San Marco, 56

+ Expo to Prada Foundation
Calle de Ca 'Corner, Holy Cross 2215

+ Expo Urs Fischer au Palazzo Grassi
Campo San Samuele, 3231

+ Lunch Building G
Branch Grassi, San Marco 3247

+ Ice inHotel Monaco & Grand Canal with canal view <3
San Marco, 1332
+ Delicious sandwich : Rosa Salva