Travel suitcase sun

Photo credit : Nathalie Crane

As I said a few weeks ago, I leave tomorrow at the end of the world, for a great trip & rsquo; one month. Demain, we also officially say bye bye to our little studio on & rsquo; Ile St Louis with Vianney. C & rsquo; therefore a great start for me it all, when I go back everything will have changed in my life (and yes promised, I will show you my new apartment, but it is only at the very beginning of work, j & rsquo; m not even hang garlands see you).

And then this trip ? I know you're curious (but I also tease you c & rsquo; is normal, has been !)

J & rsquo; have been invited with Alix to spend 15 days in Australia by their tourism office, because they want us you do experience the destination.

I l & rsquo; learned by talking with them, but & rsquo; Australia is in fact the leading destination for 18-30 years old, I saw the distance l & rsquo; have believed. But in fact, those who decide to make a real journey necessarily want d & rsquo; go to the end of the world, and which country offers the world's end of & rsquo; exoticism and a western lifestyle ? l & rsquo; Australia.

Many also leave a full year enjoying the holiday visa / special work proposes the country (for the 18-30 years old), it can finance the trip. I know people who & rsquo; did and who speak with hearts in the eyes.

And, I could not leave after the free world take the opportunity to go see my dad who lives in Tahiti this year. When it was already 22h d & rsquo; plane, that & rsquo; is that c & rsquo; is that 6 hours in the air frankly ? And to go to Tahiti and more !

Promised, j & rsquo; you try to post lots of pictures of what I will see and who knows, you program perhaps a trip to the land of kangaroos this summer ! Melbourne A small guide of the most beautiful islands queensland it tells you ? Also on the program, un peu de fashion week (yes to Melbourne it will be the & rsquo; time for fashion week) and looks in shorts and swimsuits.

See ya !