L & rsquo; local sparkling water, more commonly known “soda water”

Go c & rsquo; left as promised, I'll still do a little bitch with my pictures from Thailand where I n & rsquo; have not really suffered monsoon, as full of & rsquo; m & Friends malicious rsquo; had wanted foaming at the mouth.

J & rsquo; d & rsquo spent; first few days in Phuket in two quite different places : d & rsquo; first Nai Yang Beach which as its name & rsquo; indicates smelled warm sand, puis Phuket Town, I like telling you anything by telling you that c & rsquo; was more like urban landscape.

The time was perfect : end of October this n & rsquo; is not yet high season, there are very few tourists, Hotels are empty, quiet and as c & rsquo streets is the end of the monsoon there is little rain (2 days on 10 went over there).

I will not repeat you lonely planet, which is full of good advice I'll let my photos speak a little, with some good addresses cross the road and tested by me at the end of ticket. (And I warn eh, I don & rsquo; & rsquo have nothing; a backpacker, j & rsquo; like the nice hotels j & rsquo;'ve taken advantage of my vacation, while being aware of what was happening in the rest of Thailand, but talk about it n & rsquo; no place on this blog, no hatred in the comments thank you).

Nai Yang beach :

And passer 2-3 days to relax. Go walking in the national park where the Thais come picnic, eating very spicy food on the beach, Kawaï buy crap in minimarkets, be doing “foot massage” for 300bat (~7€).

Phuket town :

One m & rsquo; & rsquo had not recommended; go, but I don & rsquo; have not regretted d & rsquo; being stubborn, j & rsquo; loved (and passer 2 days) : visit the old town and all its shops owls (those old toys was terrible), spending time in cafes ptits, chat with the owners, admire the old lady beetles that populate the streets, go to bookstores, buy pens kawaï, go to the spa, eating mango with sticky rice in coconut.

The addresses :

Nai Yang beach : Hotel – l & rsquo; spirit of Nai Yang, brand new, not well known, super nice rooms with the pool, j & rsquo; had to swim 80% my time.

Phuket town : Hotel – Sino house (offer -50% the raintree spa d & rsquo; next, parfait), but if I & rsquo; had known I will be gone to Phuket 346 in the heart of the old town (same rate, small and pretty suuuuper).

Remains & cafés : China Inn (found in the lonly), super good and really cute in his little backyard. Pirrera café, a nice tea room which also resto, the owners are super friendly, was chatted hours. Mac-Chiato House : Super good, and open on Sunday (ptite turkey convenient for visiting the city on a Sunday when everything is closed).



One thing that I & rsquo; really wanted to do this by going to New York, c & rsquo; is going to the beach (and yet God knows if I hate that). See at least one of these islands that & rsquo; found in the & rsquo; New York state and m & rsquo; walking is d & rsquo; also one of the first things that I & rsquo; have planned before leaving.

I do not remember exactly why I & rsquo; chose Fire Island, j & rsquo; had to see beautiful pictures of houses on stilts that & rsquo; there are on flickr or something like that (it m & rsquo; sometimes takes no more that I move :D).










? Voir toutes les photos ?

As you can see from the last pictures, s it & rsquo; typed the correct heavy rain : not drink ! L & rsquo; n & rsquo place; not too much for tourism, there was little d & rsquo; s locations to & rsquo; shelter. Nevertheless, c & rsquo; was so quiet, and pretty that I & rsquo; warn a very good memory.

Here's how to get there from New York :

– Go to Penn Station and take a pack which includes the Fire Island train tickets, taxi, et ferry. Perso, we chose d & rsquo; go to Ocean Beach (we did anyway a grand tour of the & rsquo; island on foot).

– To spend the day, you have to take a train early enough, around 8am (it's get out there around 10am). Sometimes there is a change to the Jamaica station (let them focus).

– Arrived at the Bayshore station taxis waiting to take the ferry. And then c & rsquo; is simple :)


Yes ok I let you down right now c & rsquo; is true. But as half d & rsquo; you have made the trunk c & rsquo; is a lesser evil :)

I go to New York in a few days and I & rsquo; & rsquo have the; printing & rsquo; have a billion things to do before leaving. J & rsquo; have mostly 5 guides to read, et je dois compiler, trier all tips you m & rsquo; he had given a few months to make me a holiday program I like. I always do that even if in the end I do not do half of everything I & rsquo; have planned. I often goes berserk for a well filled with my programs on site but at least I know where I'm going. And if instead of running in every direction we decide d & rsquo; go for a picnic – nap – central park reading with Vianney well, we will not hesitate.

I remember our week in Lisbon where we spent hours reading Harry Potter in our apartment instead of & rsquo; go sightseeing : because that & rsquo; it is also the holidays !

Well I leave you, ma valise m’attend. It may well be that I & rsquo; takes my PC to make you small live reports from the big apple…