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“Marienbad” – Jorge Macchi, Usine T.A.S.E

*This song that I & rsquo; love is the theme of 11th Lyon Biennial I n & rsquo; did that & rsquo; a micro part last weekend.

J & rsquo; had big ambitions : the museum & rsquo; contemporary art, sugar, la T.A.S.E… And I don & rsquo; the latter did, j & rsquo; laughter was too busy making paper coin coin and listening to the Kinks or read books about haunted houses at Vincent & Lorenzo.

But I & rsquo; loved, do not ask me why, j & rsquo;'m having learned to do while my d & rsquo studies applied art, I don & rsquo; d like to really talk & rsquo; contemporary art. Here are some pictures for those who want to push up & rsquo; this old abandoned factory in Vaulx-en-Velin.