I think I've never given much trouble to a report d & rsquo; a journey. J & rsquo; imagine some n & rsquo; are tired of my posts on New York but I & rsquo; had so much to tell and to show that I could hardly do that in one go. For those who loved and m & rsquo; gentiles sent emails or have posted nice comments thank you very much :) it is heartwarming when one tries hard to do something good.

So (loose) My final advice, remarks and addresses for New York :

The subway in NYC : we took the subway almost every day because we lived in a hyper well served area. We made a card for metro 14 days (~36€), very useful if one wishes to his feet ! As against the contrast between trains and platforms out there is crazy : on the docks he 50 ° C, c & rsquo; is to be dirty and it smells pony (or worse), I don & rsquo;'ve seen subway BUT JA-over yucky that over there, and it affects all stations. While rowing c & rsquo; is happiness : conditioning and clean (Finally c & rsquo; is relative, but compared to the platforms could have licked the windows). Once back in Paris I was looking over the subway and pretty tiles in the same way ! You also need a little time & rsquo; adaptation to understand the stories of subways “express”, but when we meet for the 3rd time in Harlem instead of 56th Street that goes fast. And even when it was realized, when certain lines are closed a weekend or at certain times it gets complicated… I'll let you try it…


Taxis : honestly, So the races are not very expensive do not deprive yourself. Know that for the & rsquo; JFK airport c & rsquo; is the same price wherever you go in Manhattan : 45$ (good to know when you arrive at night, responsible and well slashed).


Gratuities : not easy to s & rsquo; will find tips from matter as there still is a minimum to leave (where in Paris we did a bit as we feel the). The minimum so c & rsquo; is about 20% of note is double the tax that is still on the & rsquo; adding (fastoche :)). The servers have apparently tend to take French for rats because many leave only a few dollars, we have a sacred reputation over there I said you !


Museums : génial ! Just awesome, everyone can have access to culture in New York. MoMA's free Friday from 16h to 20h, you really make a full rotation starting from the top floor. Le WITH (everyday) and the Guggenheim (Saturday) practice “pay what you wish” from 18h to 20h. Attention au MET, c & rsquo; is not super clear but c & rsquo; is the way it happens, box office given that & rsquo; we want (but not 50 cents non plus). It was also the DIA Beacon which was absolutely great : We take a train that runs along the hudson river for 1 h (from grand central, direction Beacon. Once at the station you walk 5 minutes in the countryside and there you come across one of the largest centers & rsquo; contemporary art world. I don & rsquo; have no photos because c & rsquo; maispour was forbidden those who love the & rsquo; s c & rsquo; is really not be missed.


L & rsquo; English : j & rsquo; have been appalled by my fellow trip to NYC (and by Spanish tourists), how can you travel without speaking a word d & rsquo; English ? Moreover in English speaking countries ! And how can we be so disagreeable when we do not understand a language with sellers, servers and I & rsquo; poised. J & rsquo; had a little ashamed of my country seeing others respond unpleasantly French and French to others. Advice to these people : but buy you a method of & rsquo; English before leaving hell ! And the etiquette guide !


The guides : we bought more and we also had lent. The lonely planet was super disappointing, we do s & rsquo; is therefore never used. Par contre, the guide to good addresses guinea fowl was a mine (we also read the book before leaving, he's really nice), and the guide eatshop NYC where j & rsquo;'ve found some great places. J & rsquo;'ve found a little later on-site guide “not for tourist guide” that exists to Manhattan and Brooklyn, I l & rsquo; therefore took as it reached the end of the stay but sure next time I take. C & rsquo; is also an online guide.

J & rsquo; certainly forget many things, if you have something to add, made in the comments :)




One thing that I & rsquo; really wanted to do this by going to New York, c & rsquo; is going to the beach (and yet God knows if I hate that). See at least one of these islands that & rsquo; found in the & rsquo; New York state and m & rsquo; walking is d & rsquo; also one of the first things that I & rsquo; have planned before leaving.

I do not remember exactly why I & rsquo; chose Fire Island, j & rsquo; had to see beautiful pictures of houses on stilts that & rsquo; there are on flickr or something like that (it m & rsquo; sometimes takes no more that I move :D).










? Voir toutes les photos ?

As you can see from the last pictures, s it & rsquo; typed the correct heavy rain : not drink ! L & rsquo; n & rsquo place; not too much for tourism, there was little d & rsquo; s locations to & rsquo; shelter. Nevertheless, c & rsquo; was so quiet, and pretty that I & rsquo; warn a very good memory.

Here's how to get there from New York :

– Go to Penn Station and take a pack which includes the Fire Island train tickets, taxi, et ferry. Perso, we chose d & rsquo; go to Ocean Beach (we did anyway a grand tour of the & rsquo; island on foot).

– To spend the day, you have to take a train early enough, around 8am (it's get out there around 10am). Sometimes there is a change to the Jamaica station (let them focus).

– Arrived at the Bayshore station taxis waiting to take the ferry. And then c & rsquo; is simple :)