You want to disengage from canalblog, but a lot of things holding you back : and I'm too lazy, the fear of losing your readers, your articles, your comments… J & rsquo; was a little like you there is just one month, it was simply out of the question to leave. To win what d & rsquo; first ? Freedom already, the pleasure & rsquo; being at home, to do what you want, can finally customize it as you please, d & rsquo; use all inaccessible from your crappy plugins host.

And I found aujourd & rsquo; hui that I & rsquo; did well, I am very proud of my new home, even if it was of course work, and honestly, I am far from & rsquo; having lost. You have all followed, I don & rsquo; have not lost readers, only visitors from google with their salacious queries about passing 1/2 Second on my blog. It will take me some time to find my SEO, but n & rsquo; is frankly not the most important.

So if you want to fly on your own, and lazy is exceeded, you can roll up your sleeves and put you there. I will not detail the phases : purchase & rsquo; a domain name and d & rsquo; an accommodation, et installation de wordpress, a bunch of tutorials on the web will help you. Here I will just explain to you how to get your articles, and c & rsquo; is not bad ! Continue reading