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*Oui, j & rsquo;'ve stolen this great title awesome tumblr the same name that m & rsquo; was crying tears of blood this summer. C & rsquo; is my first video tutorial, I'm a little intimidated… C & rsquo; is surely also the last eh I warn you I not support my mouth in video j & rsquo; I want to give me a slap ptites !

You m & rsquo; have so claimed the recipe My romantic bun that I & rsquo; have yielded (I know, I'm too nice). It n & rsquo; there is no explanation, I let you admire my graaaande dexterity and reproduce at home the children n & rsquo; is not dangerous.

Ingredients : of hairpins and patience (especially to unravel the crepe evening, 5 to 7 with your hairbrush !)

P.S : c & rsquo; is definitely my day for me who hates to see me in video : Timai just published l & rsquo; itw beauty we shot this summer.

Vidéo Eleonore Bridge & Fabien Gilles

And a romantic bun ! A !

Faced with so many demands on my romantic bun, I have to disappoint you ! D & rsquo; first by the small photo made in a hurry in my bathroom without foot, or remote.

Then the non-tutorial that follows. Because yes, I am unable to show you how we do it, I struggle myself every morning to try to reproduce the small miracle of the day. And it takes me about half an hour. I finished almost breathless, red head, with a few tufts of hair between fingers.

Because that & rsquo; n & rsquo it; there's really no good way to do that otherwise it would be too simple ! C & rsquo; is an inexact science, a recipe without food…

When the makeup artist m & rsquo; did that last week (after m & rsquo; asking what beautiful fuchsia on lips – so what this one little fairy !) j & rsquo; I barely saw how she s & rsquo; it took : pouf ottoman, a pin, we turn, abracadabra it holds, pouf ottoman 25 pins, tadaaaa !

J & rsquo; have kept said hair 3 days (without washing my hair baaaaaah) I thought it was so cute. 4th day, in front of the mirror, with my straight hair like j & rsquo gauntlet felt like crying (while c & rsquo; rêêêêve is full of girlfriends to me – life is unfair- we are sacred pain in the ass with our hair we girls never happy).

So I started, and I & rsquo; started with the – I think- makes the difference : hair crimping. I have crimped like a maniac with a brush, it was like the lion king. Leaves, with my mane, j & rsquo; have nabbed a big wick right that I & rsquo; have tournicoté then maintained with a pin in a bun, j & rsquo; have renewed left, then two big locks behind.

C & rsquo; was atrocious, but precisely, c & rsquo; is that & rsquo; do not give up. J & rsquo; took that which did not, and I & rsquo; have added pins, and even pins, j & rsquo; have removed, submitted, removed, submitted, as a scoulpteur which scoulpte oune oeuvle d & rsquo; s.

And bim won !

Ha ha he sucks my tutorial eh ! Good luck girls, it makes 10 years that I & rsquo; trying to do this to me and I just started to get there…