Sea turtle-wave

? ? I was a marshmallow ? ?

Perhaps one of the most moving moments of this trip… L & rsquo; & rsquo outbreak; a sea turtle nest near the & rsquo; Lamu Island. I don & rsquo; have not much to say, if n & rsquo; is that my eyes filled with tears at the sight of these tiny turtles blindly running towards the & rsquo; Ocean.

J & rsquo; was caught between the & rsquo; feel like watching the daydreaming and the need to photograph. C & rsquo; is always difficult for me to choose when traveling and when out enjoying the & rsquo; camera, when I do pictures I do not enjoy things the same way.

But I & rsquo; d & rsquo needed; a concrete Remember, see this uncontrollable instinct that drives them to jump into such immensity really gives the will to win. I don & rsquo; not forget this anytime soon.