escarpins asos

Escarpins Asos, combishort Topshop, veste H&M – Sanderson Hotel – London

When I & rsquo; saw these little pompom shoes, I have also found that apétissantes & rsquo; a package of Dragibus. I thought that & rsquo; they were crazy and that & rsquo; they go with everything with good humor.

The first time I wore c & rsquo; was for a rack, c & rsquo; s funny to see how they have done more talking boys than girls. As if for once they had something to say about a pair & rsquo; pumps.

I d & rsquo; otherwise kept for later this idea : these shoes are perfect to start the conversation, people talk you live with amusement.

After I put them to parties where I wanted to be the same size as everyone. With its heels 12, I'm propelled in people of normal height, and c & rsquo; is nicer than d & rsquo; admire the nostrils all evening.

Enfin, last week in London, I took them out with this little jumpsuit bought at Topshop, The mixture printed, colors and pompons, it was the Rio carnival in my hotel room. Madness in short.


Zara sweater and blouse, short Topshop, boots Le Mont St Michel, H tights&M

Did you know ? in English, “With Claudine” se this “Peter Pan Collar” or “Col Peter Pan”.

En France, c & rsquo; the collar is small wise girls, its name comes to him Claudine stories in & rsquo; Colette School. The illustrations of young girls showed her with that little round neck.

in England, c & rsquo; child's neck or those who do not want to grow up. This garment is of my generation…

I l & rsquo; therefore particularly fond, but with tweezers anyway, j & rsquo; already have a physics gamine, n & rsquo; not us add too…

Oui, boots + le col, c & rsquo; is THE retail Peter Pan, hé hé ;)

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I present my two super cops : my hood faux fur and faux leather, and my mind cleared compensated orthopedic shoes bowling :)

The first discovery of the MA & rsquo; in winter Asos : it's all pretty, hot well, and I can put n & rsquo; any jacket : super convenient.

The second, I have trackées for a month on the site Topshop. They were on the look book of pictures of school on the site, but nowhere on sale… J & rsquo; was desperate, destroyed, ready to throw me d & rsquo; a bridge… When at my trip to Dublin, tending my arms to shop topshop ? These cute : a single pair, my size, on sale, a sign of God in short. C & rsquo; is the kind of shoes that guys hate, but s & rsquo; fout c & rsquo; is zero boys, and I love them ?

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– Short & offset Topshop, hood Asos, H tights&M, Pull & jacket Zara, sac vintage century –