J & rsquo; not buy a lot of clothes, there are even many that I never put… Shame on me, the day my fiance m & rsquo; & rsquo said that; it was no problem at least 5 stuff I n & rsquo; had never set, j & rsquo; have lost the bet. C & rsquo; is zero but now I don & rsquo; have no & rsquo; apology.

And then there are clothes, who bought them when I didn & rsquo; have not made it more fun, and I put all the time since. This small halter top H&m, is one of those clothes that I & rsquo; d love & rsquo; love.

But there, who says bought at H&M says quality not necessarily top, and here I think my little love lives one of his last years. Tribute… (pfff n & rsquo; anything).

-Top H&M, short Zara, paletot H&M, headband V&R, saltire thefrenchfactory, peep toes zara, polish Lancôme-

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