Oh no s & rsquo; please believe when you do not even that I & rsquo; going to tell you little stories littered with “bip” “does” and “re-tut” (ok my title was a sensationalist hair but I do that & rsquo; a dirty little slut). So right now I & rsquo; just wanted to tell you again how much I'm calibrated…

Tout d’abord, bibi for it s & rsquo; sleep in peace, the bed should be against a wall. Oui, not because I & rsquo;'m afraid of falling, pffff you think, non, c & rsquo; just in case & rsquo; attack. Oui, Finally j & rsquo; I need to feel in a small fortress which : behind the headboard, the wall to my left, to my right darling, and feet snuggled under the duvet (c & rsquo; obviously my heel & rsquo; Achille this area) in case I would be attacked by something (l & rsquo; surely instinct…). A Breton bed would be just a dream, mais hum hum, I fear that my fiance hates & rsquo; idea.

Then, for m & rsquo; sleep quietly I follow a little weird ritual : 5 minutes on the left side, 5 minutes on the right side, then on his stomach with & rsquo; but not under pillow on my head (a feather, Please very heavy), then I begin to m & rsquo; sleep.

And, with me, night c & rsquo; is war and I am a little soldier desperate to win the battle sleep. If my fiancé misfortune to overtake the front line and encroaching on my place except to make me a little hug d & rsquo; I love just pinches his butt for that & rsquo; it releases. If someone & rsquo; a misfortune snoring close to my sensitive ears I whistle and pat on the mattress to wake. And if my neighbors decided to scream the open window I scream past 1h (a real shrew, yep, I'm like that).

Oh and do not look at me huh, we all have our little habits overnight, and I'm pretty sure that everyone in delusions of his own for s & rsquo; asleep peacefully !

Edit : rhooo, by reading I realize that I & rsquo;'ve forgotten a lot of extra quirks !! Like most d & rsquo; you, I am sure the whole place, knowing that I am a small microbe and my fiance a big guy, c & rsquo; rather the world in & rsquo; to see me take over half of the bed as I turned in all directions, while he does not move d & rsquo; & rsquo a thumbs up, wake. When I & rsquo; afraid, that I & rsquo; did a p & rsquo; tit nightmare, and even s & rsquo; he made a crazy heat, I m & rsquo; comforter wrapped around the neck, Remember d & rsquo; childhood and I always did that to protect me….vampires (and it s & rsquo; called my anti-vampire). Really good I am enclosing !.