[imagebrowser=45] As my fiancée, I am sick of shopping and clothes. En effet, I have the same three pants since 5 years and have even some college shorts that fit me yet ; and my favorite polo, moth eaten.
Ouch, Wicked is big eyes !
– "Throw this shit ! »
– "Buy yourself some clothes. »

But as she loves shopping, all she has to do it herself !
So I have time right time to private fitting sessions at home. She returns with a Zara bag full of stuff, according to her, I will go. Sometimes it works, but I must say that a T-shirt size M woman radius of it may get stuck ! (Well it is a youthful error, it was done only once.)

However, when we go backpacking in London, I am another. Usually I can orient myself just watching the sun ! As-bas, even with a map that I turn in any direction I can not do well ; but why do they get the bus on the wrong side ? Bref, in the English capital I turn into "serial shopper". It's amazing what we spend when money is not the same, although in the exchange is not to my advantage.
I find myself at Top Man (sur Oxford Street) buy jeans, a shirt with a tie and jacket. And few meters further, I purchased a bag in imitation leather for only 3 pounds (Wholesale € 4.50) Primark.
So ladies and ladies, I would strongly advise you to take your faithful companions in London, plus it's all the time balances ! Chez Urban Outfitter, I found some vintage shirts at half price plus supply : « Buy one, get one free ».
A word.