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To celebrate spring j & rsquo; took out my pretty clothes powdered, pastels, light, j & rsquo;'ve mixed all the colors milk shake with my adored little schoolgirl bag and my trench New York (pfff kind girl who does his shopping in New York, has been !) and I & rsquo; have dragged Vianney St Paul Street Lions to immortalize it in peace.

And while in this outfit I'm halfway between the girl who disguises herself as a princess and the big end marshmallow violet, These soft colors m & rsquo; have done a world of good !

Happy Spring friends !

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– Overlaying skirts H&M (divided) et Topshop, Tights and satin belt H&M, Top H&M (collection garden), Trench Operation, Chaussures Chie Mihara –

? See all the & rsquo; album ?