J & rsquo; confess that when I & rsquo; saw the land as wide as jeans THE next trend, j & rsquo; have shunned mega. Heck, it had been years that I & rsquo; expecting the slims, and now that I put all the sauces, it is becoming Mr Has been. I resisted for a while, convinced that I would be ridiculous, lost in all tissues, I will be like nothing. Not too stop, j & rsquo;'ve tried in a few mango and zara, but nothing n & rsquo; there was : I don & rsquo; was not convinced. And last Friday by buying my favorite turkey magazine j & rsquo; have appointed glamor, I fall off before this happens to be THE jean d & rsquo; after writing : went nasty little, stop making black pudding, and will try this one, s & rsquo; he does not like it, we can not say that you don & rsquo; shalt not tried. So I rush to the next spring, morning, story & rsquo; avoid any that would have had the same idea as me to m & rsquo; seize jean death. Permière approach : He's nice, I like denim (and c & rsquo; is rare), bombassent suédoisent two of the 2m12 & rsquo; try, and it is simply sublime on them. J & rsquo; & rsquo expect that; they are party to not have the & rsquo; & rsquo air; a small coil side d & rsquo; it with the same jean, I don & rsquo; will not bear comparison.

I then ask my size to the seller : from 25 svp….j’attends…This brings me bitch 26 and 27…..it starts badly. J & rsquo; try the 26 cab, I look at myself, et's, I discovered another me, with different look, more elongated, long legs, hiiiiii the I & rsquo; love. Only problem, a little wide in the buttocks, I demand a 25, which fits like a glove (and Bam ! even the saleswoman !). Second snag : even with heels, must be a hem d & rsquo; at least 1m, I'll have to wait for my new jeans 1 week, interminable… I Renfile my slim, j and there & rsquo; s & have rsquo; & rsquo impression; be a little hobbit while tight in his pants : pffff !! How I can wear it for all this time. Or how to return his jacket 3 secondes…

I went to get my little marvel Saturday, and since, I don & rsquo; finite not make me outfits : 70& rsquo; s with a coat and a turtleneck, romantic with a node-node and fleu-flowers… The reaction darling finally convinced me : “whaaaa, it looks like you're doing with that 1m70 !!” (or he finally knows the right things to say, but given his past blockhead compliment j & rsquo; questioned).

Et vous, when will the turning point ? That & rsquo; as you think ?