This red yellow and blue peak n & rsquo; s a & rsquo; casually like that, but c & rsquo; is a little revolution for me : I realize seeing these pictures eu I rarely wear the color. From light pink, gray, du beige, navy blue, brown…my dressing is d & rsquo; a sad sobriety, and the I & rsquo; never noticed. Not that I don & rsquo; not like the color, non, just that I believe to be too shy when I & rsquo; buy my duds, j & rsquo;'m always afraid that it doesn & rsquo; go with anything, then the color a little pétantes, j & rsquo; avoids. And then last week, j & rsquo; was in search & rsquo; scarf (like a lot, even if I & rsquo; have 3 delay trains, j’assume…), but nothing appealed to me as d & rsquo; habit.

And I & rsquo;'ve found this one at the last place I thought finding my fashion accessory of & rsquo; winter : in the closet of my darling. “But that & rsquo; is what this little wonder is there ??” “ben not you remember, K. we the & rsquo; brought from Cambodia this summer”….. Say that I & rsquo; I almost let him sleep in the closet of & rsquo; man, pfff, Careless !! These brightly colored m & rsquo; then gave a little urge to heckle my closet so wise, I then visit the & rsquo; m & Swedish friend who rsquo; kindly offered this little yellow coat.

But there, j & rsquo; s have not & rsquo; usual bright colors, and I am not too sure of my shot. What do you think ladies ??

Edit evening : rhooooo should not hesitate to review mesdemoiselles, I'm not really bad ;) and then j & rsquo; accepts criticism without problems, the time that & rsquo; they are not free wickedly ! I don & rsquo; was just not sure my shot, and I wondered if c & rsquo; was because I n & rsquo; not assumais color, or s & rsquo; there was a real problem d & rsquo; harmony. So thank you for your most negative same remarks !