I did not think that & rsquo; many vintage telephones fans were walking on this blog until last week and my post on the hulger. Du coup, I went out that I did you'd never talked about my collection vintage phones, in & rsquo; & rsquo exception; one of the first posts of this blog but uh… j & rsquo; unable to lay hands on it (but basically I had just acquired my first baby, rhooooo).

It all started with my great discovery of & rsquo; time : ebay. Retro phones were there my first fad and I & rsquo; in average watched 15 per week. Mon but, c & rsquo; was to get hold of an orange dial phone Socotel like way too much that I & rsquo; had seen in a flea market. Finally j & rsquo;'ve won in a… and postage at the same price as that of the pitcher, damned ! En plus, this con did not work out with my free box, double damned ! For punishment, it is in a box, and na !

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And I & rsquo; have learned the tricks of & rsquo; ebay and I'm better informed on phones. He m & rsquo; were needed to “voice frequency”, keys dating minimum years 80. J & rsquo; have therefore won a Socotel orange buttons with which I telephone from d & rsquo; elsewhere :)

Then, j’ai eu envie d’un téléphone lady, because & rsquo; they are so chic and so glamorous ! There are in addition to all colors, and if j & rsquo; have long drooled on a red model, c & rsquo; finally a white cream that I & rsquo; have won for the modest sum of 20 € (and it c & rsquo; was well played !).

Enfin, latest acquisition, ebayesque not this time : a great stroke of genius from my fiancé m & rsquo; dug up a phone “collection bakélite” from 1933 in the street. Yes it s & rsquo; found on a sidewalk, impeccable (I know I should l & rsquo; dusting, but you know, I am not a good woman & rsquo; inside…). And this kind of phone sells for 100 and € 200 on ebay, darling has ensured serious !

And then there through cococerise, I drool over ces petits choupinous, will I last long ?

telephone vintage

My fiance just made me the best gift that I & rsquo; have ever had. A simple object, but I dream for years : A phone Hulger “Pénélope”, limited edition… But that & rsquo; is that & rsquo; is special this phone ? C & rsquo; is a combined walking bluetooth, I just have to connect it to my laptop and I can call people with. Useless you think ? In fact c & rsquo; is the solution I was looking for a while. I live in a stone bunker where my phone captures that & rsquo; 1m from the ground near the window : very convenient ! I phone suddenly very little when I'm at home, and & rsquo; same idea to answer the phone m & rsquo; & rsquo esclavait to; advance. While maintaining, j & rsquo; grabs my little Penelope and I'm going to ask me on the couch.


Hulger - Pénélope

Telephone rétro

J & rsquo; fell in love was the concept to its output, because c & rsquo; is a mix of & rsquo; retro aesthetics and technology. C & rsquo; an object that was also marked the return of & rsquo; some “physical presence” Objects. A force de tout miniaturiser, draw lines increasingly pure, manufacturers and designers have gradually contributed to some form of dematerialisation of objects (example : people have no vinyls but mp3, Virtual music). And it seems that the future of design is the return to more objects present, more accessible, more readily understandable (technological paraphernalia sometimes a little scary, we no longer know how it works too). Before, Phone, had based, the keys, a handset, each function was clearly visible because virtually isolated within the subject. Today with a laptop, this is all in a, a small block that does everything, as sometimes it is beyond us and we would love to return to these somewhat naive objects that had once.
Then me, this combined, j’adore !! Pointless, but I like, because it's so much more comfortable a big fat handset that takes you though the entire ear ...

With its retro look any old pink and I like it so much I n & rsquo; not stop watching until my cell phone rings :)