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Yes j & rsquo; believe it to death… Even if it is the 9 January and that & rsquo; winter and cold fucking still have bright future !

Mais ce week end, we spent the bar 10 degrees, j & rsquo; primroses and saw a ray of sunshine, and had a bud on the plant my balcony (poor delirium also…).

So I'm out without my pants HEATTECH + wool tights (combo indestructible anti froid) despite the worried looks of passers-by Moncler.

J & rsquo;'ve even stood open shoes hahaaaa ! To get out to the park with my husband that lil n & rsquo; never ashamed of a crazy walk on his arm…

Even Notre Dame yes ! I will soon be moving, I will let you see more of Paris soon !

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– Robe Asos, teddy Urban Outfitters, sac topshop, H socks&M, Bata shoes (ancienne collection) –

? Voir toutes les photos ?