Last week I & rsquo; have been spoiled veeeeeery. The day M. the factor m & rsquo; has delivered my while during Pops he also had a huge package for me… Filled with Regent & rsquo products; s park that the brand m & rsquo; sent for testing. C & rsquo; what was a little christmas, candy and what make me a tea bastard, that you ask for ?

J & rsquo; have often ogled these products away from monop, in mine they are stored with Fauchon products, suddenly I thought c & rsquo; was expensive. Well of course not, more d & rsquo; to be super good, d & rsquo; have fun packaging (with retro images like j & rsquo; love) and although they have a reasonable price.

The tea comes in different degrees of strength, if the & rsquo; not like too strong it takes a little light, ou un medium, and if you like the good good strong tea we take a big strong ! In your face :) (By the way I present my new rabbit teapot bought in NY this summer).< Edit : by popular demand, j & rsquo; have found this gem in Brooklyn FredFlare, her name : shinzi katoh rabbit for tea 2, apparently here they deliver in France :).

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The shortbread is a killer, especially those half covered with milk chocolate OO… Y none in photographs c & rsquo; is normal I have already eaten all you can imagine. C & rsquo; is better than our French shortbread so fat that & rsquo; they slide fingers on the bottom of the cup of tea, What lighter. The scones and crumpets are also terrible (j & rsquo; anyway have always had a soft spot for these small holes pancakes s & rsquo; permeate much butter).

J & rsquo; have not tasted all the jams (am still post diet New York), the rubarbe / ginger is nice, but c & rsquo; my cam is not too jam, I'll let my man judging.

A big big thumbs up & rsquo; therefore air Regent & rsquo; s park (and is it necessary to recall that this post n & rsquo; is not a command, and that & rsquo; m & rsquo we do; not buy with 3 cakes ? Bitch languages ​​s & rsquo; refrain thank you :).

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