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You have been many to wonder tattoo ideas. I confess not to be a great expert in the field, it m & rsquo; took bim this year and I started with a small drawing of me.

J & rsquo; have a lot against very hesitant on the area that would accommodate my tattoo. I wanted to do it under the arm (j & rsquo; had seen it chez Guarantee, j & rsquo; had found it lovely), but the tattoo artist & rsquo me advised against, saw this drawing n & rsquo; would have been nice, c & rsquo; is an area which deforms much at the mercy of movements, better a small typo script at that point.

So j & rsquo; had searched quite d & rsquo; & rsquo images; inspiration on the topic – here they ^^

*If you know the & rsquo; & rsquo author; one of these pictures n & rsquo; please tell me.

Tattoo circle

The tip of the & rsquo; iceberg – in fact Art Corpus (49 Rue Greneta, 75002 Paris, France) par El departments (thank you ♥)

Voilà ! C & rsquo; is made ! J & rsquo; have wanted at the beginning of & rsquo; summer, it m & rsquo; worked, j & rsquo; I thought quickly and I got a tattoo.

I remember some comments a little peremptory on the subject when I & rsquo; had addressed the issue in May. “You will regret”, “you're going t & rsquo; tired”, “c & rsquo; is not original everybody has”, “it will look more like anything when t & rsquo; auras 70 years old”, “thou not disappoint me too”…

J & rsquo; have done this for me, c & rsquo; is my little bookmark. A word that speaks to no d & rsquo; another, engraved in the neck. To think about from time to time, j & rsquo; asked my tattoo a reminder on the wrist. And when I & rsquo; have 70 j years & rsquo; to have good d & rsquo; other scars. This one at least I & rsquo; have chosen.

Photos Eleonore Bridge & Fabien Gilles

And the pain will say to me ? C’est drôle, j & rsquo; waiting almost impatiently to know what it feels like, this famous pain that everyone talks. J & rsquo; I put my head on the pillow, j & rsquo; looked at my fists and I & rsquo; waited. The tattoo artist m & rsquo; has warned : “at column you risk douiller, not contract yourself too”… And then it started, preventing me 3 times before really go. And… j & rsquo; I almost wanted to laugh, shouting at & rsquo; scam, “pay off”.

Not because I m & rsquo; really expecting it hurts, able to make my bad ass by telling that I m ​​& rsquo; was tattooed with friends. C & rsquo; is super uncomfortable, but really not painful ! At the same time, leaves out a huge cliché, j & rsquo; I want to say that we girls, we are somewhat programmed for pain since puberty. So if the guys endure pain d & rsquo; a tattoo can go merrily.

Après, I can believe that & rsquo; a tattoo that takes an hour, with filling, in much innervated areas, it must really be a cakewalk. More “painful” I am not sure… But that I think I can ever :)

P.S : yes I know c & rsquo; is zero, you hate me. But for the & rsquo; & rsquo time j; did not really want to show my tattoo in the neck. J & rsquo; I want to keep this for me, and as I & rsquo; d have no desire & rsquo; give meaning j & rsquo; wait a bit.


Photo credits : bbabyshambles

Nothing that this title makes me smile as it stands d & rsquo; a big change at home, “a tattoo”, j & rsquo; have always found it horrible… Not aesthetically, but in & rsquo; idea of ​​something d & rsquo; immutable, no real possible return back, which requires a little self-confidence and that also is the result of & rsquo; a sacred choice.

All I actually hate. J & rsquo; have always found very agonizing the & rsquo; idea that something can be erased, fact, and I find it very hard to regret a gesture. To tell you, j & rsquo; wish I had the power to type Ctrl Z irl ! I would feel much more quiet.

And, make a choice, my god what torture ! And god knows if I & rsquo; have not always made easy choices (nothing too serious course, but choose where we want to go in life and find the right path n & rsquo; is not always a bed of roses). Choosing a tattoo when you put 1h like me to choose a glaze color at Sephora (although it looks like I'll be getting poisoned arrows as in the Temple of Doom in case of & rsquo; error, tsssss) c’est mission impossible.

And yet, oddly, to force & rsquo; see and & rsquo; to hear about it calmly around me, l & rsquo; idea is gaining ground.

I'm at a point in my life where many things change, where j & rsquo; more accepting things, I m & rsquo; opens to a bunch of & rsquo; experience. So for me who have always refused to block the & rsquo; & rsquo idea; a tattoo it would be quite a challenge perso, as a way to mark this time of my life so disturbing but so rewarding. Much like a scar that & rsquo; we love and that & rsquo; time to time we look with a smirk.

Without necessarily mature stuff centuries for once, like get pregnant by accident, pouf here !

I know, j & rsquo; have strange ideas, but it pleases me…