Small aujourd dedication & rsquo; hui mate Do which has finally d & rsquo; birth to his longtime project : Than.

Those who follow my blog since its inception know that & rsquo; much of my early readers come from Lafraise, the site very pretty T-shirts on which I spent my evenings there soon 5 years old (gasp !). J & rsquo; expected succession Lafraise long, c & rsquo; is done with Decate.

And as Lam was the girl for his challenge Shirts (in & rsquo; unlike its competitors which s & rsquo; just do not care anyway), we make it a nice hola !

This first tank in soft cotton, any end, makes a nice sexy dress for hanging out at home with the signed illustration Marguerite Sauvage is fast becoming collector, I recommend so warmly rush at you as it should be.

– T-shirt Than, short Topshop, derbies Garrice, leather jacket Yves Saint Laurent –

Longue vie à Decate :)

P.S : for information, I wear the tank top is a M



Friday c & rsquo; is we are the 90’s !! Youhouuuuuu I'll still go to the sweat & rsquo; Elysee Montmartre on Spice girls and Sandy Valentino hoopla ! You don & rsquo; have no excuse this time not to go there, because c & rsquo; is a Friday night ! Viendez, viendez (even if you take your seats on digiclick c & rsquo; is cheaper and you do not queue :D).

This edition will tear all, for several reasons :

– All evening, c’est Mr. Freeze that regia : j me a blue & rsquo; want a blue !!

– This time c & rsquo; is the prom with photocall 90 colors & rsquo; s and photographers to showcase the outfits participants.

– It happens on Friday the 13th… So the team is preparing some small frayeurss (Scream, Halloween 20 after…)

To honor the 2 titles of my adolescence, j’ai (like the last time) sought a place in the height of the & rsquo; event. Continue reading