J & rsquo; was a little let down my little of Sunday bazaars, but now j & rsquo; have little tricks to tell you then c & rsquo; this is handy bazaar.

– First, suspense, I am preparing several surprises you : This Week, and two next week. Come on, some clues : photos / mode / delusions / staging… Ah oh no they're not real clues as you will not find anything with it ! Hi hi hi, I sataniiiiiiique !

Hmmm I corrected myself

– You did see ? If you've seen ! There in the left column link to a pretty lively mes albums photo. I'm sorted, stored, j & rsquo; spent hours there but I like it ! So I will more often 3000 Photos that & rsquo; should always remove me death in & rsquo; ââââme when I made a selection of & rsquo; images in a ticket.

– Rhooo and then j & rsquo; I forgot to tell you, j & rsquo; was blogger of the week mylittle paris (with my p & rsquo; tite flowers designed by kanako) and I & rsquo; it gave my best level terrace… It's here.

– And… Voilà, j & rsquo; had not seen so much to finally tell..