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C & rsquo; s funny as we felt the different places we've stayed in Australia. Always comparing with something that & rsquo; we knew, you know when you have the & rsquo; & rsquo impression that; it is a great traveler and that & rsquo; there are similarities between all the places that & rsquo; we visited to have something to say.

Difficult to know if we had a real feel of the places where we made bounces. Sometimes barely 24 hours to get an idea, not easy… C & rsquo; was quite conditioned by people that & rsquo; we met there and the activities that & rsquo; we had.

Noosa, on the sunshine coast has been for us a real moment to cool, atmosphere a little bobo.

Walks at sunset on the beautiful beaches of the coast, dinner at an Asian restaurant to the kitchen and the & rsquo; bewitching atmosphere…

Wake up at 5am for a small Yoga followed & rsquo; a ride in the big Noosa National Park, un tour en combi volkswagen, a surfing lesson.

A kind of daydream d & rsquo; only 22h.

Asos jersey, short Topshop

A shorter but more pleasant moments spent in Australia.

We don & rsquo; d & rsquo was, moreover, not just proud of Alix stand on our boards the first time and d & rsquo; learn faster than expected the right moves. It remains for us to beef up our little arms to hoist us on the waves and learn to nab the. J & rsquo; in fact would have every day.

Small quick guide to Noosa :

– We were in a rented apartment (face à noosa beach, whooo), nice if you participated in several, but pricey if not.

– I recommend the small hostel where we did yoga (Dolphin Beach house, rosy picture above), who had the & rsquo; & rsquo air; a super nice place to hang out with his backpack (Quechuaaaaaa !)

– Le resto XO where we had a drink and ate dééééélicieux Asian dishes.

– Surf lessons with go ride a wave (there is surely d & rsquo; other courses well, but c & rsquo; is that that & rsquo; we had).