My dealer s & rsquo; calls Margaux, she lives in Philadelphia. She m & rsquo; sent a large package of very good stuff last week : a packet of 300 while during Pops.

Margaux I t & rsquo; love ?? 0-0 ??

For those who do not know these little wonders, the while during Pops are tiny lollipops eccentric perfume. My favorites : cotton candy, watermelon, coconut, butterscotch (pancake syrup), and strawberry pie. Ha ha I see you eyes wide open : yep c & rsquo; is too good. In the bizarre but delicious flavors found also : root beer, cream soda et bubble gum. I am preparing my beautiful little caries…

With this arrival you think that since I deale. If you cross me there may well be that I & rsquo; cached some in my bag and that I & rsquo; distributes to more smiling :) Meet at the 90's !