When I & rsquo; got this little email d & rsquo; Armani Milan offering me a nice job consisting of lookes to shoot people in the streets of Paris, j & rsquo; I almost answer : sorry but you're wrong person, I do not know how it all.

And then I asked myself 2 secondes, wondering why the hell I don & rsquo; in would not be able, and that pushed me to want to decline this nice offer ?

Scared of not being up to par and the & rsquo; used to stay in my comfort zone with n & rsquo; accept what I know to do well were two correct answers. So I thought Fuck ! You are-and ! C & rsquo; is not staying quiet behind your computer you're going to move forward !

And indeed, deploying a lot of & rsquo; energy, the right means, in and calling the right people j & rsquo; there'm fine finish. The fact that I find myself no talent for portrait and that I & rsquo; still have some obvious technical problems (c & rsquo; is blurred bhaaaaa) Now is another story, but I'll work on it…

J & rsquo; so have a lot of people shot, des amis, strangers, pour la nouvelle collection Frames of life d’Armani. The same concept has been declined in Berlin, Milan, London, and I & rsquo; forget the cities that follow.

There will be a small site I believe, I will give you the & rsquo; address when I & rsquo; will know more ;)

street style

… At least j & rsquo; tried !

Last week, for Fashion Pass j & rsquo; did a photo shoot with Punky and 4 of its readers. Miss s & rsquo; occupied styling, Marie de Fashion Trotter providing clothing, and us 7 we did a shoot which one is quite proud !

Not easy when n & rsquo; is not really shoot photographer and direct girls n & rsquo; not necessarily the & rsquo; habit of asking, c & rsquo; was quite a baptism for them and for me ! D & rsquo; as much as I want to stress that & rsquo; it was 0 °, in the end my little fingers no longer felt s & rsquo; they pressed the trigger.

Voir toutes les photos

But what happiness d & rsquo; & rsquo be behind; camera, photo shoots with my fiance are always infinitely frustrating because we don & rsquo; not always seem to get the pictures that I & rsquo; have in mind (especially at this time, he quail, I do not drag out too long in robounette). There I could finally take exactly what I & rsquo; m & imagined and especially rsquo; exercise to do portraits what I & rsquo; really wanted to do for a while. All n & rsquo; is not yet ready, j & rsquo; have the sacred work for m & rsquo; improve, but I & rsquo; had gorgeous models, thank you again girls (Kenza, Life, Marion et Insya) for your big smiles despite the cold and light clothing you have your property insured !