red dress khaki-29

red dress khaki-29

Robe Zara, Asos coat, sac à dos Herschel, Wolford tights *., Loft scarf, mittens Asos, bottines Ugg via Sarenza*

J & rsquo; did these pictures the day of the first attacks in Paris, I think I did not was well aware of what was happening.

But it & rsquo; was strange. Wednesday, this small park was usually full of strollers and d & rsquo; kids jostling with their scooters. That day he n & rsquo; there was not a cat, just a light mist and sirens, Sirens, sirens that & rsquo; you could hear in the distance.

I live in the 11th, between Voltaire and Nation and I believe that c & rsquo; is the first time in my life that I & rsquo; was afraid to go out in the street. Not immediately, but the two days following, so that & rsquo; we were all suspended from d & rsquo chains info.

Today & rsquo; m hui I can & rsquo; m help & rsquo; worry when I & rsquo; mean a firefighter siren. C & rsquo; is stupid huh, because I believe that in recent days he n & rsquo; there were no more that & rsquo; before, just, I think to be a little more careful.


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Robe Chicwish, Asos shoes (former collec), bag H&M, vernis Neon American Apparel

For me it is synonymous with back new kit, leather trench coat and briefcase or small Duffle Coat. But the Parisian sun does as its head decided to put his luggage after having spent the summer partying in remote islands.

PRECISELY I like a thousand little dresses that I could not put it like this little darling, Which reminds me with its frilly around the beautiful Andalusian dress that my parents had bought me when I was 7 years old. I loved touring with and look fly, my sister and my cousin had also, we were the best in the world every three !

Small tour for secondhand the square of the rocket that I did not know at all and is a lovely green area. Not great rider with its entrance and a bit ugly fountain, the vegetation is incredible, and you may land in the grass out of sight in the shade of palm trees…

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