Ouaiii, j & rsquo; saw it in Katia and I & rsquo; s have found & rsquo; excellent idea (you are my maîîître). Instead of not program anything here while I do not tan in Bali, I'll tightens d & rsquo; old tickets that you may be n & rsquo; ve never read, or that you forgot like, this has got to happen to you.

Will, not râlez, at first everyone did that, and end up still before the big TV to watch Angelique Marquise angels !

Today : “eh yes, a daughter c & rsquo; is sometimes con”

In the series I have tested for you, this is my adventure with the "bra tape" or French in the text "supports throat sticker".

If like me, you're a bitch with nothing in the noggin, this topic is for you and put you warned of the dangers of this dangerous accessory.
Well so what is that thing ? It is a bra that sticks (so no nasty straps on shoulders, or in the back), it's ugly at will (do not expect to be making out with such a thing), but it's good practice to put a small light up (did I say by purchasing). Continue reading