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Caban Etam, mittens Sonia Rykiel, robe Asos, Tabio tights, lacoste boots, écharpe American Apparel

The Paris metro… The first time I & rsquo; have borrowed, I had to have 15 years old, I returned only d & rsquo; stay in the Massif Central or my father lived (Destination CHOICE). Landing at Gare de Lyon, Montparnasse Bienvenue metro goal.

J & rsquo; nothing had captured these stories directions, and was happily mounted on the 1 without attention to it (obviously in the wrong story if n & rsquo; s no & rsquo; interests). I naively thought that the train was about to leave in & rsquo; other direction once arrived at the terminus as the plane above the doors suggested. Que bothered, I found myself with my suitcase and my big eyes little kitten lost to cry on the dock at the end of the line.

Paris for me c & rsquo; Navarro was Thursday night on TF1, l & rsquo; drug hell, j & rsquo; was afraid to kill me : I shaved tiled walls.

As you already know, I don & rsquo; have not finished in pieces in the Bois de Vincennes, an old guy m & rsquo; has taken pity and m & rsquo; said the dock to go in & rsquo; other way by showing me the change at Châtelet as a deep moron (perfect for a beginner Châtelet, PERFECT).

I warn you now, this story n & rsquo; no drop.

Good, continue. J & rsquo; therefore have tumbled at Châtelet with my suitcase twelve five kilos (without wheels s & rsquo; please) to which I clung for fear that & rsquo; a ENRAGE DEALER steals me my sweater and my pants ptites. I was hanging like a lost soul, j & rsquo; could go crawling I would have gone faster.

Discovery moved the line 4 and d & rsquo program frenzied entertainment. The sweaty cheek pressed against the window, I blessed my mother and her “you is great, you can get by you alone”.

If you know a little, you then imagine the maze of corridors in which d & rsquo; had to wander Montparnasse before & rsquo; get to the station from the line 4, at this stage of detours and signs t & rsquo; s & rsquo have; you'll feel like taking a plane.

Both say that my first experience of the metro m & rsquo; left a wonderful memory. To celebrate BIM ! Some Skytrain, because it, par contre, j & rsquo; really love.

And yes no fall j & rsquo; warned !

Photos Eleonore Bridge & Fabien Gilles

*My sister, the 13 May 2010, boulevard St Germain.

Last week I finally took the time to do what I most want since I decided to get married : buy me a pair of chaussures that make me dream. Some marry for money, I married for the pumps that's how (Of course I'm kidding eh, no but I swear it was humorless people lying around here I feel compelled to put their subtitles !)

And yet, like always, it was not a foregone conclusion because I had a trèèèèèès precise idea of ​​what I wanted without having spotted nothing : I was fine to see thousands of magazines, off special series accessories and mate several times the spring-summer fashion shows nothing had typed my eye. Shipping in the Galeries Lafayette was therefore undermined.

I was looking for Princess shoes but not too much, pink or red, if possible with a knot, a little retro and offset. Mission Impossible you might say ? Did not count on these small wonders marked the end of our grand tour of this (very lousy) basement shoes.

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A mix between Cinderella shoes and those of Dorothy, by threading them I was in heaven !

I finally had a heart stroke, le pied (ha ha I'm funny this morning !). But as I am a sensible girl (or unconscious) I have rested the time to go for a ride home Louboutin. The saleswoman and her eye shadow spreadable up front has yet tried to play my nightmare scenario : “they are the last, lafayettes excluded galleries, and they sell like hotcakes”… An Ascension Thursday at 11am thank you but it does not and you will not scare me with your drag queen makeup ! And Bam !

At Louboutin, I find the store shit… All pumps are turned towards the window, when you're in it you see nothing but heels… Super… A pair of shoes with rhinestones Barbie Mermaid Yet slap me in the eye. She made a super pretty and more leg, but not what a day friends ! I'm here trying dream pumps with the true intention to crack my wallet : it is my wedding, nobody has the right to comment on the footwear prices, it's not every day…

But the rhinestones, it is for Carrie Bradshaw, I do not really feel myself myself, small plexi heels Sonia Rykielle trot in my head : Quick ! Let's get out there and we go straight to the galleries before a bitch buys MY pumps.

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Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Schling ! (the cash drawer) Orgasme shoppingesque…