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Last day bare legs before long…

J’ai passé ce long week end in boys who make jokes, In Lyon. I was waking up morning at 14h with a fox, a badger, a marmot and a stuffed dog at the foot of my bed.

One m & rsquo; lent slippers of Delphi for not having cold feet on the floor, they ate cereal for the line because & rsquo; they were good and then we would walk around and take pictures.

It feels a little in a film set in Lorenzo and Vincent (which apart d & rsquo; s have & rsquo; air crazy like that, make cool things both, illustrations and music and also photos and videos fun for those who do not know yet).

But I will show you that later, for the moment, j & rsquo; just wanted to post these pictures that I & rsquo; did head to the park d & rsquo; or, because & rsquo; they have a particular appeal.