Where d & rsquo; n & rsquo you; never dreamed of & rsquo; to be invited to the dance extravaganza sirens ? To see her boyfriend slicked, the side parting in suits come get in limo, une petite flasque d’alcool de rebelle bien calée dans sa poche intérieure comme on voit dans les films américains hein ?

I c & rsquo; is my dream Snow Princess : invite me for my secret love of high school hallways, out in rustling dress, completely overdressed with a crown on his head, a small bouquet of flowers around the wrist to go dancing.

Ask under an arch of flowers to win the support of the couple of the evening, laugh with the girls, danser, danser, danser…

Then the 17 December, c’est Surpat obligatoire for my boyfriend and me ! J & rsquo; already have my full outfit, I'm super the cleat !

And for those who n & rsquo; not the dress of their dreams tintintinnnnn : the charming organizers have thought of you : a small contest to win a vintage dress should dry your tears and help you find the transition to a rider. All details here

Surpat’ vol 6 – The years prom prom
Friday 17 December – Bizz’art 167 Quai de Valmy Paris Xth.
5€ entry for lookes - € 10 if not

Photo credits : flickr – freeparking



Thursday evening, with some friends, j & rsquo; was at Le Meurice to celebrate & rsquo; birthday and the success of Flowerbomb, perfume by Viktor & Rolf launched a few years ago. For the occasion, the creators have imagined with the head of the famous Parisian hotel a dessert in the image of their baby : a soft cake flavored with rose and green tea (it m & rsquo; seemed in any case).



All those lights and colors m & rsquo; not misguided, j & rsquo;'m strafed the entire evening ! Particularly at the time of & rsquo; arrival “la surprise” : With Jones who made an explosive show to celebrate the & rsquo; anniversary of Flowerbomb.

Everyone had an outfit with the small detail that kills :


A feathered tiara for Betty


A node-pap in candy Mathieu


A sublime node on a princess dress for Alix


N & rsquo; has not failed to spot Face Hunter


As j & rsquo; nothing like that had I stuck a flower in her hair and na !


I know the picture is fuzzy and I & rsquo; have a mega weird head on, but c & rsquo; is the only one that I & rsquo; have my outfit for the evening.

Edit : Robe H&M, YSL perfect, Thigh Michel Klein for the redoubt, sac topshop.

I do not know how I & rsquo; I managed to pull myself up on a speaker as close to the scene to bring you these pictures. Finally if I know, j & rsquo; have crouched market amid the crowd GI Joe fashion ha ha !




And if the cake ?



? Voir toutes les photos ?

Good weekend wolves ptits :)


After the wagon Cinderella spirit, j & rsquo;'ve been wanting to hit me a little more unusual frenzy. j & rsquo; had pretty eyelashes sleeping in my closet for a while, and I & rsquo; just thought it would be perfect with this dress at the neck so wise. Lace tights and pink varnish farting bitch (exactly) later and this is the second version of my little black dress. Attention, the little bird will come out !


collants dentelle



– Dress and pantyhose H&M, faux cils urban outfitters, escrapins Pura Lopez –

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