cast down

You know les Surpat ? For months that I & rsquo; & rsquo tries; go to these small parties ambiance years 60 where everyone is super looké to dance the twist. But every time I & rsquo; have an impediment, j’enrage…

Especially this weekend where the theme of the season at the Sorbonne m & rsquo; inspiration at the highest point, I could see myself with my little skirts d & rsquo; wise schoolgirl, my socks and my big ballerinas. Mais non, I cursed the Surpat !

Pourtant, as I am super friendly despite my frustration *, I'll save you a few places to go jiggle you pretty dress that turns and you hit on by a handsome young man in a suit with the mad men (but I do not know yet how much space, it's coming).

To win c & rsquo; is simple, write me a comment with a lil word and song title you particularly like in those years. And I will choose a comment that I like (yes c & rsquo; is like this).

*I know I repeat myself but I'm not paid to tell you about, I earn only the eternal gratitude of the organizers (Finally, I hope :D) because I find these great evenings.

Edit : For details of tickets to win ago 4 places with +1 à chaque fois. For those who n & rsquo; n not win & rsquo; remember that c & rsquo; is : 5€ l & rsquo; 60s entry if lookes, 10 if not.

Enfin, the ultimate goal of surpat c & rsquo; is to bring people 40 – 50 – 60 years with their children so do not you Clamp :)