Promenades & Milk shakes – London, Sept 2011

Last week, I went to spend a few days in London with friends who had a sofa bed available. C & rsquo; is the first time that I & rsquo; going in this town that I & rsquo; so love, without passing through the hotel check and above continuing to work.

I already told you several times, mais j’ai lu Week 4 hours last year, and this book m & rsquo; gave desire to change many things in my life. D & rsquo; first become freelance full time after years in office, and then d & rsquo; have the opportunity to work when and where I want, provided that & rsquo; there is internet. Ces 4 days in London were a little test that s & rsquo; proved successful.

Better : work and live elsewhere than & rsquo; to & rsquo; m hotel in London & rsquo; gave another vision of the city where I walked much alone, as in Paris. J & rsquo; felt d & rsquo; make a little party. J & rsquo; have less planned my days, walked a haphazard, took my little dej always in the same place (breakfast club)… In 4 days I set myself small habits, and my little London daily. And even if I & rsquo; have done less than discoveries in my previous outings in the English capital j & rsquo; came away filled more than ever (and also with a large die, ahem…).

In the program – without program : walks in Soho with friends, Cheap Japanese tea at will on site newport (Tokyo Diner), random discovery of the shop United Nude à covent garden, solitary wanderings Fulham broadway up & rsquo; King & rsquo; s road (and visit some awesome charity shop : british red cross et oaxfam), small day at the Tate Modern and free wifi, evening organized by Susie to The box, shopping, popcorn chocolate coated Marks & Spencer, Harrods, Fortnum & mason and tea boxes that look like the rides, hamburger + pint to £ 8 on Trafalgar Square… London ♥

P.S : j & rsquo; have plans to return to London but by testing the exchange of & rsquo; appart, if you live there and that & rsquo; an exchange with my Paris apartment tempts you n & rsquo; m please & rsquo; write ^^