At home c & rsquo; s is a bit & rsquo; japan overdose, I know that my darling n & rsquo; it anymore and that & rsquo; he said nothing, but it's stronger than me, when q & rsquo; a small Japanese-style object to pass under my nose, necessary me to a shelf. Oui, when I do not tinker balls of paper, j & rsquo; installs norens, j & rsquo; hanging bags tsumori chisato, je colle des space invaders, j & rsquo; buys thermos which are useless, and a bunch of fleufleurs cuculs praline… J & rsquo; have recently succeeded in imposing a stamp d & rsquo; Hokusai as a background d & rsquo; s screen & rsquo; computer that sits in the room, I think I & rsquo; have overcome !

With, in & rsquo; d & rsquo order; appearance : various beverage packaging and canned fruit, Liberty fabrics queen, space invaders de mon cru, norend mdame mo, sac tsumori chisato the cheap, sensitive thermos and son, fake flower habitat, hello kitty candy dispenser. Demain, visit my home to “issue home” !.