T-shirt Asos, bag H&M, BVLGARI ring, mini short Asos, Red House Blend lip (Lancôme + Sephora)

One of the cool things when you're freelance, and that & rsquo; communicating all day mail c & rsquo; is that & rsquo; we can go to work at the office like going to the beach ! From home out later when it's already worked sunshine after a bit at home in pajamas using a lot j & rsquo; admit…

And, like j & rsquo; lives 5 minutes walk, I will not rub my buttocks clips metro, I will not deprive myself to put super mini shorts. I pushes even the defect until & rsquo; roll up the d & rsquo; another notch, revealing the pockets atmosphere rock festival.

One day I'll get in swimsuit I tell you it… (ok not this week, was a shitty time).