Except when c & rsquo; is pretty ♥ – Moschino / Milan

When I went to Madrid j & rsquo; had some time to wander among friends, j & rsquo; have therefore set foot in stores, thing I n & rsquo; had not done for months. Zara in Spain, c & rsquo; is just the unavoidable given the prices charged on site (about 30% cheaper) and then it was a year well I don & rsquo; had not been there.

J & rsquo; it did a final conclusion : go shopping to buy clothes only gives me no pleasure, I find it long, boring and not at all as fun that & rsquo; before. Yet j & rsquo; I awfully like it, there was a time where I spent at H&M 2 fois par semaine.

But there, like I told you a little bit ago 2 years with a little comparison shopping sites online that I & rsquo; had tested, I do not do (except in rare cases) that shopping online. And finally I will not go shopping when I travel, because it's part of the ride, therefore not very often.

J & rsquo; s &'m so caught rsquo; & rsquo habit; try clothes at home, quietly installed, without moving the butt further than the post office to retrieve or send parcels that simple idea d & rsquo; go wrestle me 2 hours of shopping in the store with the music boom boom gives me migraine. J & rsquo; & rsquo have the d & rsquo impression have about 2000 years writing it, but c & rsquo; is reality.

Du coup, j & rsquo; try to convert everyone around me touting the merits of their’Asos, where I provided all the & rsquo; year : free delivery, Free return, service client impec (about 1 command a week and lost a single package, immediately refunded).

J & rsquo; & rsquo have the d & rsquo impression being one of their apostles, sometimes I do not care a bit chips (plus I'm a little Asos catalog on legs it sucks)…

P.S : contrary to what many think, I do not get any free items from d & rsquo; Asos, and I am not compelled by any contract talk, c & rsquo; is right there that I & rsquo; buys my clothes, that is all.