J & rsquo; always have a lot of things to say, I am sooooo talkative (and also gaffeuse otherwise c & rsquo; s not funny), but that you already know, if I n & rsquo; was not so I would not hold this blog. As I n & rsquo; have not always an unhappy on hand to tell him fro and through my last fight with trucmachine, well I do not unmount me, I speak alone.

This often starts in the morning when I m & rsquo; encourages aloud : “went up little groundhog”, I am looking for my clothes, my comb by calling. I do not m & rsquo; but realize this is part of my little morning ritual.

Fortunately I know I'm far from & rsquo; the only one to make me the conversation, if not sometimes j & rsquo; have some doubts about my sanity. When I'm debating with myself on the street, with moving lips and facial expressions that go with, it m & rsquo; sometimes letting out sounds… Passersby who cross me looks at me as if I & rsquo; was good to lock…

L & rsquo; man of my life to him, has the & rsquo; usually these small moments & rsquo; s & error and it rsquo; amuses. Especially when I m & rsquo; animates all alone in repeating a conversation, finding the right spread (3h after) and snuffing my imaginary interlocutor. J & rsquo; sometimes combines gestures to movements of my lips, and this little silent dialogue becomes more funny.

And, I talk to my cats too, but c & rsquo; d is different we & rsquo; acord (eh mates ?), because even though most of the time they only understand the intonations of my voice, and that & rsquo; they do not answer me, they are alive so it does not count…

So perfectly ! Chuuuuut !