♪ ♫ I’m bluuuue tapeti tapeta ♫ ♪

Après my experiments worthy & rsquo; a student of CE2 to discover its felts kit, j & rsquo; I plunged in my lacquer box to go further, higher, harder !

And then eventually I calmed down and I & rsquo; did a simple shades of blue on my little claws fashion blogger. J & rsquo; have a red and pink package, I think in this case renewing d & rsquo; other colors.

J & rsquo; have a life GUE-DIN !

References : Essie Smooth sailingEssie Cocktail blingAmerican Apparel Mount RoyalLancôme (ancienne collection)Sephora


Sephora lipstick red “R11 Love test”

For years, when a makeup wonder “that & rsquo; s what I made you ?” I reply “oh I'm a simple girl, something natural trèèèèèès !”

Not but what a ninny I swear ! I must say that I also felt in & rsquo; d & comfortable under the brushes rsquo; makeup artist Greg millionaire in a suit 3 coins… I wanted to m & rsquo; fast fast escape with just a rosy complexion and nothing & rsquo; another.

Like right now my life is a vast ground d & rsquo; experiments, I let myself be tempted to once a color for a photo shoot.

Makeup and hair cell found what I needed : a daring thing but perfectly suited to me, my lil red and my skin tone : a slightly bluish fuchsia.

J & rsquo; have therefore ate lip lunch and then dark at Sephora find me a fuchsia stick was roughly similar to retry the & rsquo; experience. After major brands rays, j & rsquo; have finally opted for Sephora ( It has ! My wallet m & rsquo; said thank you).

And here I am to take me for a pinup all day now with my lipstick loved.

Promised I would not be shy with makeup !


Sephora Cream, Cacharel Glasses, Antoine et Lili Garland

This is a week that I came, and c & rsquo; s funny, I'm so disconnected from my life for a month that I & rsquo; & rsquo have the, feeling that it was the case for everyone. Today & rsquo; hui j & rsquo; asked for the 2nd time to someone & rsquo; a “vacation and you c & rsquo; how was ?”. Everybody hates me.

But then n & rsquo; s not my topic today, I'm back for one week, and I saw my tan wither bouhouuuu. I, who never tans, this small tan hard earned strength of light shows in SPF 30 pendant 1 mois, No no I & rsquo; did not want to lose.

J & rsquo; so dark in monop have to find me a cream containing a self tanner “progressive” just to make the pleasure last gently. The classic self tanning j & rsquo; not like, I miss me every time, when c & rsquo; is progressive is no way to miss.

And splash, nothing found ! Big depression, j & rsquo; therefore would have to find my complexion bidet fissa. Nooooooooooooooon !

Heureusement, j & rsquo;'ve found this magical tube at Sephora this weekend : the cream is very soft, DHA does not stink, and keeps a light tan and smooth.

In addition it is accompanied with my new sunglasses, just so I could make a pretty picture I'm sure ?

Par contre, c & rsquo; is a body cream, j & rsquo; d have not found & rsquo; equivalent to the face, you have a good plan for that?