Well today we will not really talk panties as the title and & rsquo; s image & rsquo; not indicate. But rather what I call the "backstage of the Wicked". At & rsquo; origin of these backstage, photos of his looks I take photos. When she finished I continue to ask & rsquo; press the button, this gives pictures of style : scratching nose, Winding strap bra, with outstretched hand look very bad to recover & rsquo; camera. I am a spectator of the creation of this blog but especially a victim.

"Bouh, la méchante, it is ugly your fiancé, he loves your blog. »

Not only must take madame photo but also, it n & rsquo; is never satisfied.

” But it & rsquo; is not it really be a victim ! ”

And, evidence :
For a photo posted I two do 739 : it is very difficult to miss ! She comes to see each photo : “you framed n & rsquo; anyhow”; “c & rsquo; is blurred”;”j & rsquo; have a dirty mind, it redone in a ! ”
At the 740th, it starts to be satisfied (or it is fed ! Non, in fact c & rsquo; is that cracks me first).

Sinon, go to the real revelations: the Wicked everyday.

Wicked is big geekette : as soon as she can on her laptop :

I had to negotiate farm : she leaves her night job charger, so she is forced to stop when there is no battery (but she is smart, it adjusts the brightness to a minimum to make the battery last a max !!!!!!!!).

She tamper with the code of the page for hours to change something that no one sees : "More you, look at her : the margin is too large ! »

The Wicked on his computer is hunchbacked : Imagine Quasimodo with a laptop on knees.

The Wicked becomes dull when it is on the net ; it can still have a positive side : «More you, you said yes just now darling ! "So, it is better to send an email to talk to him !

The Wicked is not the girl in the pictures.

The Wicked does not clean. Warning this message risk & rsquo; in shock more & rsquo; a !
The Wicked n & rsquo; has never past the mop in our good chamber 5 years old.
The Wicked n & rsquo; never did laundry, it can neither operate the machine or which are stored laundry and & rsquo; softener.
Modern men exist, c.f. Tony Michelli : d & rsquo; when his cell phone ringing when the I & rsquo; calls (Who's the Boss).

Still on household, a dialogue of the deaf:
– moi : “That & rsquo; is it that & rsquo; we do when the bin is full?”
– Wicked, with a big smile and especially this little mockingly: ” On tasse !! ”

Wicked is no room. Proof : before I came on this blog, it n & rsquo; there was no kitchen gallery.

The Wicked does not like Tintin and Snowy.

The Wicked fondles her arms while sleeping: she raises an arm in the & rsquo; s look and & rsquo; touches the back of the hand. And and, I assure you she sleeps when she does that. (eh yes, apparently the post the nights with the wicked did not contain any !)

Wicked is a fan of R2-D2 and secretly wants to be a Jedi (elle a un sabre laser rose).

The Wicked used to dress up as a warrior in our attic room (for his defense, we were 2 in 11m²) : a colander on his head, a grater as a claw, a wooden spatula to the belt and its famous guy cry. (What, she never told you ? Try to touch her hair, results guaranteed with killer eyes bonus, that m & rsquo; has already made a few steps back !)

But the biggest scoop is that the Wicked is still very kind !

For more juicy details ask me your questions, enjoy it c & rsquo; is the time !