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Oui, my mother missed my female education in the home : I am ultra poor woman & rsquo; inside. Apart store and organize closets I can not do anything correctly.

On dishes, darling is that & rsquo; it is dirtier after I l & rsquo; have washed, I don & rsquo; therefore it affects more. As Rachel in Friends, I do not know to operate the washing machine, for I n & rsquo; have ever tried (ditto for the & rsquo; d Vacuum & rsquo; elsewhere). Ironing side, c & rsquo; s not fault & rsquo; trying, but after burning the sleeve d & rsquo; one of my shirts, my man m & rsquo; said not more m & rsquo; approaching this thing obviously too complicated for me. C & rsquo; s & he will rsquo; care of everything, full shame. J & rsquo; have Christmas vacation memory where my grandmother, outraged to see my man asking the iron, m & rsquo; threw a horrified look, claiming that “oh never, ever, a man repasserait his shirt himself in SA home”.

I also know to take care of my business : my favorite jewelry rusty, the fault at too humid atmosphere (but dragonfly to cram his favorite p & rsquo; tites wings, z & rsquo; not have a grandmother to cool stuff ?), I regularly find some clothes that I & rsquo; love ball deep in my closet that should have been washed for a century, and a pile of clothes to sew up here and there beginning to seriously threaten me as it grows.

Awkward, lazy, not careful, I marriageable me !.