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Sequined stilettos Mellow Yellow – What else ?

Previously on Eleonore Bridge : les dorothy shoes, glitter, d’autres dorothy shoes (and my old cutting chaveux, aaaargh !), sequined knots, and many more.

Ma collection s’agrandit, I think of installing glass bells as in Beauty and the Beast to protect my cute dust. Unfortunately I do not live in a fairy tale where the whole village sings with his heroine, so I can not put everyday sequined shoes, I am an active woman with muddy boots c & rsquo; madame's the reality ! I don & rsquo; have not had the & rsquo; occasion to wear, and I prances d & rsquo; forward.

So my sequined shoes, I look at the shine on a shelf like a Christmas tree, I take photos from every angle to make the flicker my camera sensor, j & rsquo; Aware treat for the eyes. I love them <3

(and I eyeing wickedly on them there !)