L You & rsquo; expect more, or even you & rsquo s only; not expecting (you expected can instead be my little look Monday ?) ! Well here it is anyway, and Bam !

Ben vi, after living for years in 11m2, where the tree looked like a green plant (it was 50cm, and and), with my lover is s & rsquo; is said that & rsquo; it would make a nice Christmas tree in the living room pretty well. To avoid putting an arm in décos overpriced in Paris, we went on an expedition to Ikea at Thiais (that & rsquo; is what I & rsquo; have been invented in order to drag darling, as if it & rsquo; that was for decorations…).

Well c & rsquo; was not even the galley, we took the RER C until & rsquo; in Choisy King (10 min from Austerlitz), then the bus “TVM” which runs every 10 minutes on Sunday, and we went down (attention, c & rsquo; is that & rsquo; s the catch) Victor Basch. C there & rsquo; is quite funny how this mall was completely designed around this ikea, it is at the end, everyone rushes there, limit if the shops are empty next (not a cat with new look !). It has been like everyone else, we went to the great Swedish, we did all the & rsquo; expo, we went up & rsquo; after, the Christmas decorations being just before the boxes, and one is left with a bowling max, garlands and quantify touti for cheap : had based, enough to make the filling !

Once all decorated, our lovely tree was invisible, Yes Yes, he passed completely unnoticed. Car (those who have already come will tell you) home c & rsquo; is fantasyland, there are decorations and lights everywhere ptites, so inevitably, the tree was pale in the middle of it all. J & rsquo; so I had to beat big eyelashes reinforcement, ask my dear husband d & rsquo; hang a lot of things to beams ptites, story & rsquo; dress while the air around the tree. Ouf ! Magic was finally here, with a few songs in the background christmas sinatra. But as I am a perpetual unsatisfied, it m & rsquo; had more, ptites the decorations that make the difference, ones that cost a look if we decide d & rsquo; all dressed in fir, and are affordable only if taken 4-5. We therefore went to the cheap because I piaffais d & rsquo; m looking forward to & rsquo; buy the p & rsquo; tit green hummingbird seen in a pile of magazines, and especially at Anne-So. Missed, there were more ! J & rsquo; was there to sulk in & rsquo; fir space amid septagénères topspin to death and wiser than me kids ! J & rsquo;'ve still ended up consoling me with a pretty pink ribbon with golden peas and green peas few glass balls… L & rsquo; d next year & rsquo; buys everything in October, and na !

Et vous ? You have a theme ? You change each year ?.